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SwashSim is a traffic micro-simulation tool that can be used to model traffic on a variety of roadway facilities--signalized arterials, freeways, multilane highways, and two-lane highways. An overview of SwashSim is provided here.

A note on SwashSim by lead developer Dr. Scott Washburn:
With advances in computing power over the last 20+ years, traffic microsimulation has become a common and important tool in transportation engineering practice, research, and education. Yet, there is still considerable work to be done on improving core modeling algorithms, the underlying software architecture, and the way we educate students and practitioners on the use of simulation. These are areas that are currently of great interest to me and likely will continue to be, as I believe the importance of simulation will continue to increase, particularly as the profession continues to move forward with the vision and implementation of an autonomous vehicle-based transportation system. In support of these simulation interests, I lead the development of SwashSim, a traffic microsimulation tool that can be used for both research and education purposes. In addition to having some unique features, such as a very detailed vehicle dynamics modeling, the program is structured in a very modular fashion. This modular structure provides for relatively easy enhancement and maintenance. I use SwashSim as the foundation for my Advanced Traffic Simulation graduate course, in which students evaluate various underlying models/algorithms, as well as develop and integrate their own. SwashSim has also been applied successfully to several research projects.