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Place the two installation files (“setup.exe” and “SwashSim.msi") in any folder of your choice and then run the ‘setup.exe’ program. The main program file is named SwashSim.exe, but you should have a desktop icon and start menu item for it after installation. One thing to be careful of--some people have been able to install the program to the default installation folder (C:\Program Files\SwashWare\SwashSim), but have a login security restriction that prevents the program from writing files to this folder. In that case, you will not be able to view results after running the simulation, unless you change your output data folder (under 'File -> Project Properties') to a folder that your login account has access permission for.

Example Projects

A number of example projects are available on GitHub:

System Requirements

The minimum computer system requirements to run SwashSim are as follows:

  • Software
    • Operating Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows, versions 10, 8 and 7.
    • Version 4.5, or higher, of the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer. The installation process should give you a warning if you do not have the required version of the .NET Framework. But if you have any problem starting the program after installation, this should be the first thing to check. You can check which version of the .NET Framework you have installed in your Programs and Features section of the Control Panel. If needed, you can download the latest version, for free, from
  • Minimum Hardware Configuration
    • At least 1 GHz x64 (i.e., 64-bit) compatible CPU
    • At least 4 GB RAM
    • 1200 x 768 high color (16 bit) display
    • At least 100 MB free disk space.
  • Recommended Hardware Configuration
    • At least 1.5 GHz x64 compatible CPU
    • At least 16 GB RAM
    • 1920 x 1080 high color (16 bit) display